One Point Weight Watchers Banana Bread


You should try Weight Watchers’ Banana Bread if you love banana bread but think you can’t eat it while trying to lose weight. It is so moist and delicious, no one would think it was lower in fat and calories.

Purple Plan – 1 point per serving
Blue Plan– 1 point per serving
Green Plan – 1 point per serving


I love me some banana bread. It is one of my go-to things to make. I eat it for breakfast and snacks and even the kids love it. Sometimes we add chocolate chips or nuts. I have even made it with peanut butter chips. But most of these don’t make Weight Watchers Certified Banana Bread. So I worked hard with the recipe and came up with one amazing Weight Watchers Banana Bread that tastes amazing..



Banana Bread can be stored at room temperature. Covering the bread well is the key to making banana bread last. This can be in an airtight container, plastic wrap, or freezer bag. Anything that protects the bread from being exposed to the air.

Banana bread can also be stored in the refrigerator. It will last a few days longer in the refrigerator but I prefer it at room temperature.

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