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Weight Watchers Zero Point Banana Souffle Recipe


This Weigh Watchers personal size Banana Souffle Recipe is a delicious breakfast or treat. Much more, it’s zero Weight Watchers points on Blue and Purple and 4 points on MyWW Green.

Weight Watchers Zero Point Banana Souffle Recipe


1-4 PersonalPoints™ per serving*
*This number shows the PersonalPoints™ range. The points will vary depending on your individual plan.


GREEN PLAN: 4 Points per serving
BLUE PLAN: Zero Point per serving
PURPLE PLAN: Zero Point per serving

How This Weight Watchers Banana Souffle Recipe Has Saved Thousands of Points for Me

A long time ago, this soufflé recipe has saved me thousands of points.

You know those times. Your stomach is growling. You need some Banana Souffle.

You want to stick to your weight loss goals, but geez you just need something to satisfy you.

Weight Watchers Zero Point Dessert Banana Soufflé Recipe

This delicious personal-size banana soufflé recipe is a wonderful breakfast, snack, or a WW zero-point dessert. The amount of protein in this meal will make you feel full, and you can feel satisfied when you know that it uses all the whole ingredients.

Much more, it’s zero points with the Weight Watchers plans for Blue or Purple and just 4 points on Green

Variations for Banana Soufflé Recipe:

  • Add one packet of a hot chocolate mix
  • Use 1 banana and 1 egg for a mini-version.
  • Use 1 banana and 1/2 cup mixed berries. mango, or other fruit.


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